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     Spontaneous and full of energy, these living landscape paintings reflect every mood you feel. From the morose to the gleeful. My work is a record of my internal experience and observation of the external as seen through the prism of an impressionist expressionism.

      Bloody Marsh at Night; 2003

      12" x14"

      Oil on Panel

      Private Collection; Connecticut

      31Deg 09'45.3"N 81Deg24'32.9"W; 2017

      OIl on Canvas

      18" x 24"



      Bring the memories of your vacation getaway to life or own the painting that completes the theme of your home decor. 

      I will work with your parameters to create a unique work of art that your friends and guests won't be able to help but lavish you with compliments on your good taste in fine contemporary landscape painting.

      Satilla River   Oil On Panel ~16" x 32"    $2500 Will be part of this year's SCRMC Art of Healing Auction to be held on MARCH  21,2020      

        Heart of Ohio

        Oil on Canvas

        12" x 12"

        $300 SOLD

        31.153264, -81.473151; 2014

        Oil on Panel

        16" x 20"

        Framed $700 SOLD 


        12" x 12"

        OIl on Canvas

        $300 SOLD

          Ponte' Vecchio Bridge; 2008

          Oil on Canvas

          24" x 36"

          Commissioned Painting

          East Beach; 2003

          Pastel on Panel

          12" x 24"


            31.125590, -81.476364 05.13.2017 3p.m. 2017

            Oil on Canvas

            18" x 24" 


            300x300 (15).jpg
            About the Artist

                 I earned my BFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design in 1992.  My TeaPot paintings gained popularity while selling work on the streets of St. Simons Island, Georgia but I have always painted landscapes and other, more theoretical work. My other work often deals with the abstract notions of currents in culture that revolve around "Competition, Contrast, and Irony" a sublime investigation of the abstract root causes of social problems and cultural growth.

                 Please scroll through the PowerPoint presentation below to see an introduction to other work and click the "Landscapes" tab at the top to see more landscape paintings.

            What My Patrons have to say:

            I’ve known Aaron for some ten years now. In 2008 I commissioned Aaron to render a creation based on a photograph that I had taken that year during my visit to Florence, Italy. The well known Ponte Vecchio bridge that was painted in an impressionist fashion has graced a prominent place in my home for years. Aaron's work shows a dedication to style and the personality of a seasoned artist. I would recommend Mr. Szeifert to any person who wishes to invest in art for it’s beauty and projected increased value.


            De-Leon W. Peacock

            Author: "Boys’ Estate,Ga. 

                          A Pictorial History"

            Hello Aaron:

            I wanted to take some time to let you know how much we appreciate the piece you did for us over 3 years ago. Your painting still holds the light of our days and reflects the colors and contrast we love. Thank you again for this wonderful commission. 


            This is a natural pics taken in the AM when the sun is pushing through our side windows. 


            I love evening just as much as the soft tones and textures come out.


            Be well

            Jarrett B. Ponte Vedra Florida

            Love love love Aaron's work! His paintings virtually hum with energy and vitality. He captures the landscape with color and technique. They remain ever fresh and inviting!

            Sandy Jones

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